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Discussion with Professor Jürgen Wertheimer: “Europa. Eine Geschichte seiner Kulturen”

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Dospelí , Dospelá mládež
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In his journey through three thousand years of European cultural history, Jürgen Wertheimer asks what constitutes Europe and what holds it together? Does Europe define itself as a continent, as a geopolitical area, as an economic community, or an association of values? The old founding myths may be the point of origin of a new transcultural European narrative and of a self-determination that creates community, but which can also bear contradictions and differences. Permanent questioning thus becomes a politico-cultural programme whose consequences and relevance will be discussed in conversation with the author.

Speakers: Professor Jürgen Wertheimer, author of "Europa. Eine Geschichte seiner Kulturen", Dr. Constanze Itzel, Museum director, House of European History.

The event is organised by the House of European History and the Goethe-Institute in Brussels.

The discussion will be held in German.

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Image credit: Jörg Jäger