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Create your own fake artwork!

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Dutch, English, French

We will first look at a painting in great detail and, on the basis of your questions and on what you see, we will learn more about the painting and the artist van Meegeren. This is how you will learn all the tips and tricks for you yourself to fake a work by Vermeer.

Taking this as your model after a lightning visit to the museum, you then take up the brush yourself.

And then you decide how you are going to copy Vermeer. You can do anything you want.

Did you know?

In the House of European History, we now have a new way of doing things. Fewer people are there at the same time and there are additional hygiene arrangements, for example. That is why this workshop is currently being run for no more than 10 children.

Make sure that you are there 15 minutes beforehand. During the workshop you will also visit the museum.

We recommend that you wear clothes that can get dirty!

The workshop lasts one hour and 30 minutes and is supervised by two educators and an art teacher.

During the workshop (90 minutes) parents are welcome to visit the museum.


Participation: free

Age group: 7-12


Sunday, 14 February at 11.00 (FR, FULLY BOOKED) / 13.00 (NL) / 15.00 (EN)

Wednesday, 17 February at 11.00 (FR, FULLY BOOKED) / 13.00 (NL, FULLY BOOKED) / 15.00 (EN)

Image credit: Myrthe's Art. This activity is taking place as part of Krokuskriebels.

The House of European History has received the Brussels Health Safety Label for new hygiene measures implemented in the museum.

Brussels Health Safety Label