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Trainee Teachers Discover European History

Two days before their one year anniversary of studies, trainee teachers in Human Sciences, French and Germanic languages from the pedagogical path of the Haute École Francisco Ferrer came to the heart of Park Léopold to visit the House of European History. The teachers-to-be were welcomed and guided by Ms Laurence Bragard, School Coordinator at the House of European History. First they received a presentation which focused on the learning activities that can be conducted with secondary school classes, then they had the opportunity to discover the six floors of the House. The presentation started in the children’s waiting room of Eastman building, initially designed to host a dental clinic, where multiple paintings representing scenes from La Fontaine’s fables are displayed. After the presentation of the pedagogical offer, the students independently visited the House with the support of tablets and audio guides available for visitors, which allowed them to already put into perspective their discoveries and the teaching they would provide to future school classes.

One of the appealing aspects of this visit was certainly the interactive and the playful dimension of the House — which does not simply want to be “just a museum”. This experience is the starting point of a collaboration between the pedagogical path of the Haute Ecole and the institution hosting the House of European History. This visit was a learning experience for the students, to deepen both their knowledge and pedagogical directions in order to engage their future students with European history. Here are some students’ reactions illustrating this idea:

  • Yousra: “European history is in contradiction with itself.” 
  • Eva: “There are centuries of history and knowledge about Europe.” 
  • Anas: “A museum full of playful and creative activities; a very good example of what could be an essential extra-curricular activity.”
  • Yara: “A guided tour by the quotes of the greatest figures that aimed to open the mind to the multiple perspectives of history.”


Teachers in the museum Fables Room
Teachers visiting 3rd floor of museum - crystal palace