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Conversations on Restless Youth: “Talking about our generations” - Part II

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Join the curators and catalogue authors of Restless Youth in the unique and intimate settings of the four generations of the exhibition’s galleries. Together you will discuss questions in direct connection with the museum content, related to the desires, aspirations and causes that mobilised young people in Europe after 1945.

  • Was there true mobility and self-development for the youth of the late 1940s-early 1950s, caught between desires of peace, reconstruction and mass-mobilisation?
  • How has the memory of the years 1960s endured over the last fifty years? What was the world the youth of the 1960s inherited, and crucially, what real changes did they make for the next generation?
  • How did a youth culture develop in communist countries? In the face of state control and repression, how was the desire for freedom and escape expressed?
  • Were the 1980s really a time of ‘no future’ for Europe’s youth? What were their limitations and aspirations before (and during) the fall of the Iron Curtain?

With five authors of the “Restless Youth” publication:

  • Marko Zubak, Research Associate, Croatian Institute of History, Zagreb
  • Richard Ivan Jobs, Professor of History at Pacific University in Oregon
  • Luisa Passerini, Professor of History, European University Institute, Florence
  • Kostis Kornetis, Visiting Lecturer in Modern European History at the History Department of Sheffield University
  • Bart van der Steen, Lecturer of History, Leiden University

In dialogue with the members of the “Restless Youth” team in the House of European History

  • Jitka Mlsová Chmelíková, Curator for the exhibition
  • Kieran Burns, Project Manager and Lead Curator for the exhibition
  • Christine Dupont, Curator for the exhibition

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Limited seats available. Refreshments will be offered at the end of the event.