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Budowa Domu Historii Europejskiej

Andrea Mork
25 sty 2017
18 strony

W swoim artykule Andrea Mork, główny kurator Domu Historii Europejskiej, rozważa podstawy teoretyczne, idee przewodnie i główne przesłania historyczne, które miały decydujący charakter dla wystawy stałej w nowym muzeum. 

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How are past events commemorated today? Commemoration strongly depends on the contemporary views of the past. A conference that took place in 2014, “Europäische Erinnerungskulturen – European Commemoration 2014”, touched upon this topic and gave an overview of initiatives, narratives and commemorations taking place across Europe. It provided an opportunity to analyse and discuss different current perceptions on what World War I still stood for a hundred years later. This topic is also central in European Commemoration: Locating World War I, a new anthology that is now published and freely available online. This publication reflects on questions like “What are the correlations between national, transnational and European perspectives?”, “Is there a difference between a European perspective and multiperspectivity?” and “What can and what should be the goal of historical education concerning the First World War?