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Taħt il-Lenti

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Ewropa bil-fruntieri?

21 April 2020

Bħala parti mill-inizjattiva tagħna #MakeCovidHistory, qed niġbru messaġġi dwar in-nostalġija u s-solitudni li tfaċċaw tul il-fruntieri l-antiki...Kompli aqra

Vortex of History

10 April 2020

At the centre of the House of European History is the magnificent sculpture, the “Vortex of History”.Kompli aqra

Indoor activity for kids

31 Mar 2020

At the moment when we all #StayHome to stay healthy, we bring the museum to you! Looking for a kids’ indoor activity? Check out our #HistoryHoarding series of short educational games – where we bring the museum to you!Kompli aqra

World Poetry Day

20 Mar 2020

This #WorldPoetryDay we are highlighting a powerful Hungarian poem from our permanent exhibition entitled “Felsőszeli” – the name of a village from which the poem’s author, Béla Nagy, was forcefully relocated in 1947 during the reslovakisation process.Kompli aqra