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Poster exhibition: Journey through 100 years of European history

Poster exhibition: Journey through 100 years of European history

30 Bal 2022

European Parliament President Roberta Metsola was the first prominent EU citizen to go on a journey through a hundred years of European History. She took a tour of the House of European History’s new temporary exhibition When Walls Talk moments after she inaugurated it at noon, on Friday, Apr. 29.Daugiau


Museum resumes group activities

11 Kov 2022

The House of European History will gradually resume its group activities starting from Monday, March 14.

The decision follows the improvement of the public health conditions relating to the Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent decisions of the competent Belgian and European Parliament...Daugiau


Lili Sohn - Women's rights and women's bodies

8 Kov 2022

European 20th and 21st centuries history has shown progress in the right of women to decide on their bodies, on their sexuality. Nevertheless, serious obstacles still hinder those rights. Are we going backwards? Which are the challenges, today, and which are the possible solutions and...Daugiau

Euro display case - star design

Eurui – 20!

23 Gru 2021

Netrukus bendroji Europos valiuta euras minės 20 metų sukaktį. Šia proga Europos istorijos namai kviečia apžiūrėti 15 eksponatų, kuriuos padovanojo Europos Centrinis Bankas.Daugiau

Stories of our objects

Stories of our Objects: Discover the museum‘s first online magazine!

11 Spa 2021

The House of European History attempts to tell a transnational story using objects, documents, and audio-visual testimonies from across Europe and beyond. With no pre-existing collection, finding these items in so many countries and languages required a high degree of teamwork from an international team of curators.Daugiau