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International Women's Day – Carte blanche tours

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English, French

On Sunday 8th March 2020, International Women’s Day, explore European history through the eyes of creative and committed women who will contribute their own perspectives and personal stories to the House of European History permanent exhibition. Follow them for a unique walk through the museum, and join them afterwards for a discussion on the struggles towards gender equality, past and present. 

Carte blanche tours by:

Hemley Boum

Hemley Boum is a Cameroon-born writer living in Paris whose novels show Africa from within, away from stereotypes, through depicting everyday intimate relationships in a way that mixes urban life, tradition and history. Before finding her way into writing, she lived intermittently in France and Cameroon working in the field of international trade, thus discovering the reality of international exploitation of local resources. Hemley Boum’s latest novel “Les jours viennent et passent” was published in 2019 by Gallimard.

Simonida Selimović

Simonida was born in Serbia in 1979, and immigrated as a child together with her family to Austria, where she began early on her career as an actor in film, television and theatre. In 2010 she and her sister Sandra Selimović founded “Romano Svato”, the first feminist and professional Roma theatre association, as well as Mindj Panther, where Simonida is active as a feminist rapper and activist against racism, and for equality for the Roma.

Catherine Vuylsteke

Catherine Vuylsteke is a Belgian journalist, writer and filmmaker. She worked as the Asia editor of De Morgen newspaper for 25 years, wrote books on contemporary China, unaccompanied minors, homosexuality in Morocco and Brussels. She co-directed two critically acclaimed documentaries on LGBT-refugees and unaccompanied minors. She now works as a freelance journalist. 

14.30               Tour by Simonida Selimović (English)

14.45               Tour by Catherine Vuylsteke (English)

15.00               Tour by Hemley Boum (French)

16.00: Discussion (English/French)

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Image credit: Niki Charitable Art Foundation, Santee, United States