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FULLY BOOKED - Real Spy Training

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Children age 7-12
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Dutch, English, French

Come down to the House of European History on 24 and 25 April and follow a real spy training course!

Espionage has taken many forms throughout history: urgent intelligence was telegraphed, for example, and some intelligence was even smuggled.

Lots of caution and patience were necessary. Spies had first to collect data and then pass it on in the right way.

Spies worked very carefully, because they could not afford to make any mistakes. But things still went wrong sometimes: the intelligence would on occasion turn out to be unusable or spies would have their cover blown.

When you arrive at the museum, you will be given some mysterious spy gadgets and a secret mission. Use the gadgets to solve the secret mission. Start in the spy lab and create a fake identity. Then you’ll be ready to work as a spy! During the spy training you will learn some tips and tricks that will help you to succeed in your mission.

Mission accomplished? If so, you will receive a real spy diploma! This will give you access to a maze of laser beams, enabling you to show off your ultimate espionage skills.

At the end of your spy training, you can even take all your spy gadgets home with you.

‘The night’ is the chosen theme for the 20th anniversary of Heritage Day, organised by Faro, the Flemish Institution for Cultural Heritage. Because nighttime is ideal for secret missions, you can get a head start in the House of European History and become a real spy!

Reservation compulsory here.


Image credit: Igor Sarozhkov / Alamy Stock Vector