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Between Truth and Trust - online panel debate

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In today’s world it is vital to be able to discern where information is coming from. Are we being informed, misinformed, or even manipulated?

The lines are sometimes blurred. How do biases affect different media and how we are potentially influenced by this? How are facts, different techniques and emotions sometimes blended? How do we find the truth in this labyrinth of information? Is your truth also my truth? Who and what decides what really is the truth? Many people are sceptical about which institutions or news outlets might tell the truth - is this due to lack of trust in these institutions or do other mechanisms play a role too? What are the consequences of this for our society?

The House of European History is proud to invite you to participate in the first online panel debate ‘Between Truth and Trust’ in relation to our temporary exhibition ‘’Fake For Real‘’. This series will help you to distinguish between fake and real, while exploring the grey area between the truth and trust around the topics of disinformation, conspiracy theories and denying crimes.

In the first online panel debate, we will explore the topic of disinformation also known as ‘’fake news’’. Our three expert guest speakers will delve into different aspects related to disinformation.

As many are currently unable to visit the museum due to Covid-19 restrictions, you will also get a short insight into the temporary exhibition ‘’Fake For Real’’ by the lead educator. Learn how the exhibition’s games help understanding disinformation mechanisms.

At the end of the debate, a ‘Question and Answers’ segment will provide you with the opportunity to pose questions directly to the various experts.


Introduction by museum director - Constanze Itzel

Featuring guest speakers:

  • Carl Miller, Research Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media (CASM), Demos
  • Clara Jimenez Cruz,  co-founder of, a Spanish non-profit news organization focused on stopping disinformation through fact-checking and data journalism,
  • Marianna Spring, Specialist reporter covering disinformation and social media, BBC
  • Guido Gerrichhauzen, lead Educator ‘’Fake (F)or Real’’ temporary exhibition, House of European History
  • Moderator: Paul Salmons, Curator and educator specialised in difficult histories, Paul Salmons Associates

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