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The House of European History is a museum for everyone, be they from Brussels or Budapest, Ghent or Gdańsk. Reaching out to people and communities both near and far is a vital aspect of the museum’s activities. We do this through specific projects and online link-ups with events and partner institutions across Europe and focused outreach work with diverse groups in our immediate neighbourhood and region.

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Statue of man on park bench with mask

Covid Makes History

FelixArchief, Antwerp, Belgium, Gallery Oldham, UK, Historic England, UK, Hungarian Open Air Museum, Hunga ...

A platform for museums across Europe

Representatives from museums on staircase for Rubbish project

Museums Explore History of Rubbish in Europe

Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art , Celje Museum of Recent History , Estonian National Museum, Ett ...

Why should museums talk about rubbish? A topic that is by definition marginalised as it concerns what we dispose of and do not want to look at anymore, waste has become a central issue of our time. As places for learning, reflection and debate, connecting objects and stories across time, museums are uniquely positioned to expose the topic.

Woman recording via mobile phone in museum space

Rail Recollections


In 2021 we celebrated the European Year of Rail. The EUROPALIA programme “Trains & Tracks” explored the impact of the train from artistic and societal perspectives.