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Through the lens of...

Through the lens of...

5 Jan 2022

From the outset, there is not much in common between the Christmas truce in 1914 and unnoticed objects in museums...Read more

Euro display case - star design

The euro (€) turns 20!

23 Dec 2021

The common European currency, the euro, soon turns 20 and to celebrate the anniversary the House of European History hosts a selection of 15 objects donated by the European Central Bank. Read more

Stories of our objects

Stories of our Objects: Discover the museum‘s first online magazine!

11 Oct 2021

The House of European History attempts to tell a transnational story using objects, documents, and audio-visual testimonies from across Europe and beyond. With no pre-existing collection, finding these items in so many countries and languages required a high degree of teamwork from an international team of curators.Read more