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Practical matters

Can I book the House of European History for my event?

The House of European History is not privately hirable as a venue. Events take place in the museum with specific partners dealing with European-wide themes outlined in the museum’s mission and exhibitions, such as modern European History, shared memory, and European history in school curricula. If you would like to enquire about a partner-hosted event, please contact our events team more than three months before your event is foreseen. Please note we receive a large number of requests, there may be a delay of several weeks before receiving a response. Furthermore, please note that priority is given to the House of European History's own programming.

What is the telephone number?

+32 2 283 1220

What is the postal address of the House of European History?

House of European History, European Parliament, Rue Wiertz 60, 1047 Brussels.

How much does admission cost?

Admission is free.

Is there somewhere I can leave my bicycle?

There is not currently a bicycle stand or sheltered stand outside the House of European History.

How long does it take to visit the House of European History?

Approximately 90 minutes.

Are backpacks, water bottles, and snack items allowed in the museum?

Backpacks, food and drinks are not permitted, and should be stored in the locker area.

Is there a minimum age for children?

We recommend the minimum age for children visiting the museum should be six years old. Parents may feel certain aspects of the permanent exhibition are only suitable for children over eleven years old.

What are the guidelines for children and school groups visiting the museum?

1. All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for them throughout their visit to the House of European History.

2. School or children's groups must include at least one accompanying adult per:

- five children under the age of 6 or five children in pre-school classes;

- ten children aged between 6 and 14;

- fifteen pupils aged 14 or over.

3. Accompanying adults must remain with their group throughout the visit.

4. Any child who cannot find their accompanying adult will be taken by a member of the House of European History staff to the reception office where an announcement will be made asking the accompanying adult to collect them.

5. The European Parliament declines any responsibility for accidents to unattended children.

Is photography permitted in the museum?

Wide angle shots are allowed in the museum, except for in the entrance and security areas. Certain objects and showcases are marked with ‘no photo’ symbols due to conservation or copyright criteria from the lending museum. Flash photography is not permitted. Please note, republishing images of objects for professional use may require inclusion of a copyright credit. We ask you to get in touch via this email address for more information:


Do you have baby-changing facilities?

There are baby changing facilities in the welcoming area level 00.

Is there access for pushchairs and prams?

Yes on the ground floor level entrance.

What support is available for people with disabilities?

All our facilities and activities are fully accessible for visitors with reduced mobility and special needs, including wheelchair users. For hearing impaired visitors, subtitles or written description of the film narratives are viewable in the tablets provided.

Can you provide wheelchairs?

We have two wheelchairs on the premises which can be borrowed - get in touch via the contact form to reserve one. It is advisable to bring your own wheelchair however, due to high demand.

After your visit

How can I get in touch with the museum's Lost and Found?

Please use our contact form to enquire about lost items.

Can I purchase museum merchandise online?
How can I stay up-to-date with museum news?

The latest museum news can be found on the 'In Focus' section of our website, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Website and social media

Something on the website isn’t working or I’ve found a broken link. How can I let someone know?
How can I request to film inside the museum?
  • Please contact the museum communications team more than two weeks in advance of your filming date, to go through the necessary process. Please note, filming is only allowed in certain spaces of the museum, for media or education professionals, when it does not clash with other museum activities, and in line with the following rules:
  • Please note that filming and photography can only be performed in a non-obtrusive way, that does not block other visitors, nor records images of their faces.
  • Due to specific copyright and conservation circumstances, wide angle shots are preferred, rather than close-ups on individual objects.
  • Approximately 15 objects in the permanent exhibition cannot be photographed or filmed - these are marked by a “no photo” sticker - a list of these will be provided in advance.
  • A filming permission form related to copyright of objects should be completed in advance of the filming. This is obtainable via the museum communications team.
  • Filming of the entrance security areas is prohibited.
  • Regarding equipment and crews: please do not use flash photography or external lights in certain locations; do not connect to power supplies.
  • It is preferred that only a minimum of equipment is brought in, and additional equipment is not available for borrowing from the museum.
  • Great attention should be made when moving filming equipment, so as not to touch museum furniture, showcases or objects, or mark the floor.
  • Film crews should only consist of essential persons.
  • Filming duration should ideally be within ninety minutes; please specify the exact locations desired in advance.

Education and learning-related questions

Where can I find information about educational activities and learning resources at the House of European History?

Please see the specific section 'FAQs for educators'.

Group visits

Why do I need to make a group booking for 10 or more people?

It is mandatory due to safety regulations. Without booking, groups of 10 may be asked to wait until there is sufficient space in the museum to enter.

How can I receive written confirmation of my group booking?

You will receive an email confirmation.

How long does a group visit take?

Approximately 90 minutes.

Are audio tours available?

On arrival visitors will be given an interactive tablet in 24 languages which will be your guide for the visit, providing audio, text and video content for the Permanent Exhibition. Each tablet can be adapted with special features for students and children and there is also enhanced audio software for visitors with special hearing needs. There is no audio guide for the Temporary Exhibition though a leaflet and catalogue (cost-attached) are available.

Can an organisation book multiple time slots?

Please be aware that a single organisation may not book multiple time slots in the period of one week. If you do wish to book multiple time slot, please contact us to clarify your need in this regards.

Exhibitions and content

What are the opportunities for research at the museum?

We do not currently have facilities for research. In the future there may be research opportunities through partnerships and workshops.

How do I get rights to use an image for a book, media or other commercial purpose?

The copyright for the majority of images belongs to external parties. You would need to get in touch directly with the copyright holder.

How long does the Temporary Exhibition last for?

Temporary Exhibitions will last for approximately one year.


How can I apply for an internship at the House of European History?