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Visiting the House of European History

What safety measures have been introduced related to Covid-19?
How do I book a visit for my students?

To check for availability and book a visit for your students, go to Visit Us, Schools page

How do I contact the House of European History learning team?
I have prepared some learning resources that you and your website visitors may find interesting. Can you host a link to my learning website?

The House of European History website does not host links to external learning websites.

I see that your resources are more thematic than chronological. Why is this?

Our resources are thematic in structure rather than chronological, trans-national rather than national in focus and move between different time periods. This allows a ‘compare and contrast’ approach. We have specifically developed these educational materials in conjunction with the narrative of the permanent exhibition of the House of European History.

Why are some activities and resources offered in 24 languages while others are offered in 4?

The activitites for your classroom are available in the 24 languages of the European Union so that you can use them with your students wherever you are located in Europe. The resources for the visit are for the time being in the languages spoken by the visitors we expect in highest numbers due to the museum's geographical situation: French, Dutch, German and English. We have made every effort to provide a learning offer in as many languages as possible and we will continue to implement multilingualism as a reflection of Europe's linguistic and cultural diversity.

What resources are available to help me plan my visit to the House of European History?

In order to better plan your trip to the House of European History, consult the General Information area of our site. Also, download the "Practical Information for Groups" document on the Schools page.

Are floorplans of the House of European History exhibitions available?

Yes, you can download it in the About Us: The Building section.

What is the cost for a guided visit or workshop?

Unless specifically stated otherwise, all guided visits or workshops are free of charge.

What is the cost for visiting the museum?

Visits to the House of European History are free of charge.

I will not need a guided visit; can I just bring my students or do I still need to book for the visit?

Reservation is necessary for groups (more than 10 people) for self-guided and guided visits. To book a self-guided visit go to our Visit Us, Schools page.

How can I plan a visit for a school group?

For practical information about a school group visit, go to our Visit Us: Schools section.

Can I book a meeting room in the House of European History following our visit to the museum?

The House of European History does not provide meeting rooms following visits to the museum.