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Covid Makes History

A platform for museums across Europe

The House of European History began a project collecting evidence of life in Europe during the pandemic, under the working title "Documenting Covid". So far it has focused primarily on the phenomena of solidarity, hope and community building. As a next step, we are sharing the experiences and results from a variety of museums' diverse collecting actions. Together these allow us to connect, confront and compare experiences with a continent-wide audience.

Royal Albert Memorial Museum, UK - Lockdown Legends I

In July 2020 the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Liveable Exeter and Exeter City Council asked people across Devon to nominate their Lockdown Legends; to celebrate local people who had shown particular kindness, courage, humanity or ingenuity during the coronavirus pandemic.

Lockdown Legends honours those people and allows those who were supported, or saw the lives of others improved, a chance to say thank you.

The following stories showcase the resilience of the people of Devon who have helped the most vulnerable in our society. They are truly inspiring and highlight the selfless actions of individuals who went above and beyond to help others.

Royal Albert Memorial Museum, UK - Lockdown Legends II

Irish Linen Centre & Lisburn Museum - "Covid 19 and Me"

MAS & FelixArchive, Antwerp, Belgium – "Corona-archives"

The National Museum of Lithuania, Lithuania - “Who Will Tell the Story of COVID-19 in the Museum in the Distant Future?”

Museum Foundation for Post and Telecommunications, Berlin, Germany - "Covid Communications"

Gallery Oldham, UK - ”Oldham’s Lockdown Museum”

Liechtenstein National Museum, Liechtenstein - "Covid-19 daily life"

Historic England, UK - #PicturingLockdown

Musée de la Vie wallonne, Belgium - "Illustrating the Health Crisis"

Perth Museum & Art Gallery, Scotland - "The Local Covid Experience"

Hungarian Open Air Museum, Hungary - "Virtual Mask Exhibition"

Museo Nacional de Antropología, Spain - "Covid Projects"

The National Museum of Finland, Finland - "Photo Collection"

Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Slovenia - "Collecting jokes related to coronavirus"

Monoghan County Museum, Republic of Ireland - “Recording Our Experience”

Museum of Ethnography, Hungary - “Quarantine Objects”

The National Museum of Denmark, Denmark - "Digital Artefacts on Covid-19"

Vesthimmerlands Museum, Denmark - “Covid Snapshot”

La Fonderie, Belgium - “The intimate confinement”

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Romania - “UNARTE Quarantine Artistic Laboratory”