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The House of European History is aimed at Europeans from all parts of the continent and in all walks of life.

An interactive tablet with audio, text and videos about the museum and permanent exhibition is available in all 24 EU languages. Tablet content can be adapted with special explanations for students and children.

Alternatively you can listen to the audio guide through your own device via Soundcloud. The links are on each of the permanent exhibition pages on our website.

Groups of 10 people or more need to reserve their visit.

If you booked for the permanent exhibition, please only visit this part of the exhibition. Due to health and safety measures, you need to make a separate reservation if you also want to visit the temporary exhibition.  If you booked for the temporary exhibition, you are welcome to also visit the permanent exhibition afterwards.

Bookings for the temporary exhibition "Throwaway – The history of a modern crisis", opening on 18 February 2023, can already be done below.

Please arrive at your designated time slot so that all health and safety measures can be respected.


The House of European History has received the Brussels Health Safety Label for the new measures implemented in the museum since the reopening.

Brussels Health Safety Label